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YEEZY SLIDE Enflame Orange

The adidas Yeezy Slide Enflame Orange features an Enflame Orange EVA foam construction paired with a soft footbed that offers immediate step-in comfort. The design is rounded off with an outsole that boasts accentuated grooves for grip and support. The adidas Yeezy Slide Enflame Orange was released in June 2021 and retailed for €60.

  • Style Code: GZ0953
  • Brand: Adidas
  • Model: Yeezy
  • Version: SLIDE
  • Release Date: 21/06/2021

As of September 2023, there are no plans for a restock of this particular model. However, YzyLab remains dedicated to keeping sneaker enthusiasts and customers informed about any updates or changes related to the availability of these slides. Stay connected for the latest news and release information.

If you're in search of a slide that effortlessly combines comfort and style, the adidas Yeezy Slide Enflame Orange should be on your radar. While there may not be a restock in the near future, the allure of these slides remains strong, and who knows what surprises the future holds for sneaker enthusiasts.


Author: Oscar Lee

Oscar Lee is an investigative journalist who uncovers exclusive sneaker leaks and rumors. With deep industry connections, he provides readers with insider information on upcoming releases.